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          Brief introduction of Wuhu Conch Profiles and Science Co., Ltd

              Wuhu Conch Profiles and Science Company Limited(hereinafter referred to as the Conch Profile) is a new chemical and building materials enterprise invested by Anhui Conch Group. It is a first listed company in China engaged in plastic profiles as its principal business(the stock code is 000619). At present, The company`s total assets reaches 350 million US dollars, while the net assets is 200 million dollars. Besides the headquarter in Wuhu, the Company has also established factories in Ninbo(Zhejing province), Tangshan (Hebei Province), Yingde(Guangdong Province). The Company has imported complete set of world up-to-date equipment from Europe and the whole production process has been automated. As a result, the Company’s annual capacity has reached 600,000 tons with total 328 modernization extrusion line, ranking among the front row in the world in recent 4 years.

              The Conch Profile is engaged in chemical building materials including high & middle grade profiles, sheets, doors and windows, fence, pipe, etc. It is a key hi-tech enterprise certified by the State Ministry of Science and technology. At present, the company has nearly one thousand varieties of sets moulds, and the products cover 50, 60 65, 70, 73, 77, 80, 83, 85, 88 and 95 eleven series of plastic door and window profiles, fence profiles, Russian style, French style, and MC color profile and co-extrusion profile, applicable to various building styles, including Chinese style, European style, American style and so on. And they are famous for the excellent water and air tightness, heat preservation performance and anti-aging, representing the development trend of China’s plastic doors and windows.

              The Conch Profile regards quality as the lifeline of enterprise, and invests 7 million US dollars to introduce the advanced checkout equipment from Germany and U.S.A. for setting up the laboratory center. Besides, the company has also set up the large-scale mould centre, through introducing advanced technology and mould apparatus from domestic and international famous apparatus manufacturers. The company has trained a professional team of research, controlling product quality strictly from every link such as raw materials, technological process and equipment. As a result, the Company took lead in successful certification of EEC and AAMA product quality, ISO9001, ISO14001 Environmental System, won the certificate for product exemption from quality surveillance inspection, and was regarded as the national profile doors and windows appointed manufacturer for years.

              The Company has established nationwide market network and after sale service, including more than 120 sales offices. The products are sold well not only in domestic but also exported to UK, Poland, Germany, Singapore, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.

              The Conch Profile has 13 years professional experience of plastic profile designing and manufacturing, creating customer’s windows, doors and fence are conch’s daily work! There is no any difficulty to fit customer exact specification, just tell us what and when you want, the remains is conch work. 


          Adress: Gangwang Road No.22 of economic and technological development zone in Wuhu, Anhui.


          Telephone: +86-553—5840135  5840156

          Fax: +86-553—5842662  5840111

          Website: http:// profile.conch.cn 

          E-mail: [email protected]


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